SEO what?

By now, everyone knows what SEO (search engine optimization) is. Still there are small businesses that doesn’t know what SEO is, how to implement it or even ask the company they hired to create a website for them, to implement it for them.


SEO is the process which affects the online visibility of any website or web page, in a web search engine’s unpaid results. You want your business to show up in Google search results, when people do search for a company for ex. nursery school, news, IT, etc.  You also want your business to show up in the first couple of searches, so that you know your business to get viewed by the potential customer because people doesn’t want to click though numerous pages of search results to eventually get to your company.


Here is a couple of guidelines with regards to SEO for your website:


  • If you are news site, make sure that your site’s news updates get onto Google News Feed. Also make sure that you check out Google’s content policies with regards to news site.
  • Google also have a clear description of what Google look for, to crawl websites. Although it says “news sites”, these guidelines are for any website. Use the tips to ensure that your website get crawled by Google which ensures SEO for your website as well.
  • Then, get your site submitted to Google. Once your site is submitted and have been approved, make sure that you keep your website updated with fresh content in order ensure search engine optimization for your web page.


These are just a few tips and there are other things that can and should also be done by the company you have hired to design your webpage. We at 360systems can help you with that. Just drop us an email at or visit our website at

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